COVID - Illustrations​​​​​​​
Staying home can be tricky, especially for a long time. 
Sometimes, I do feel like this, squashed between my computer and my cat who demands to play with me.
Sport and Yoga
I realized that sport or yoga always helped me seeing things in a positive way. Whenever I'm angry or mad, if I go for a run, do some sport or yoga, I suddenly see things in a different point of view, and feel better.
Walking my imaginary dog
I read an article about confinement in Italy. The only way for people to go out of their home is if they go buy food or medecine, see a doctor, go to hospital, do sport or walk their dogs. Dogs owner see that as a blessing!
Puzzle head
I finished a puzzle that I wanted to do for ages, and thought this was a perfect occupation to keep a sane mind during these quarantine times. Stay home, be safe 🏡
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