Palais des Congrès de Montréal
Passage St François-Xavier

I had the great privilege of dressing a very busy passage in Le Palais des Congrès de Montréal (Metro Place d'Armes). The brief was to show characters that are an ordinary part of the Montreal lifestyle, as well as to dress the poles with a "hide and seek" game, depending on which way the passers-by took the passage. 
I really enjoyed working on this project and coloring this passage with my illustrations!
Client: Palais des Congrès Montréal
Agency: Massivart
Printer: MFBB Inc.

Mural 1
Construction's situation in Montreal
Mural 2
Group of young people in Montreal
Mural 3
Heteroclyte group in Montreal​​​​​​​

Mural 4
Slow mobility in Montreal​​​​​​​

Pole 1
Hockey, Les Canadiens VS Boston Bruines​​​​​​​

Pole 2
Dance in Montreal​​​​​​​

Pole 3
Winter VS summer
Pole 4
Coffee in Montreal
Pole 5
BBQ in Montréal

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