L'évasion/The escape v1
"During these particular times, I wanted to honor how dreaming and imagination is a way to escape our routine. What could be more extraordinary than to fly away on the back of a tiger, leaving behind our daily worries? I wish you all to take the time and dream a little, breathe and get away, before returning to your daily activities, with a rested mind."
When a pandemic hits our community and Quebec’s economy is slowing down, Boréale rolls up their sleeves to continue doing what they do best: brew good beers.
Therefore they took the challenge of releasing 7 new innovative beers designed in collaboration with local artists and artisans.
I had the chance to be part of the creation process of "Beer Number 4 - The Escape (L'évasion)". An accessible yet complex Lager in which malts, hops and yeast from the South of the Czech Republic are put forward. On the nose, we let ourselves be carried away by notes of fresh bread and then an aroma that is both floral and fruity. On the palate, the complex flavors and abundance of citrus fruits (oranges, lemons and limes) combine to achieve a balance offering a dry and refreshing finish.
Client: Boréale
Malt de la Malterie Caux Laflamme
Levure de chez Le Labo - Solutions Brassicoles​​​​​​​
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