L'évasion/The escape v2
I had the chance to work on a beer packaging concept with Boreale. 
Here is the second concept I presented to the client (not chosen). The idea was to represent something linked to the COVID-19 we're all experiencing. I thought of a man exploring a jungle filled with monkies and exotic plants. If you look closer to the illustration, you realize that the men is wearing his underwear, and clearely, he is in his apartment. Yes, imagination can take us far away, we just need to embrace it! During these difficult times, I think that we owe to ourselves to escape for a moment with our imagination.
You can see my working steps below, from the presentation to the client of my inspirations and sketches, to the final drawing and some close up.
Client: Boréale
Moodboard and sketches presented to the client
Final layout
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